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That makes me so happy to hear! I actually am the one who started this blog but I had to hand it off because of school and some other complications in my life. I just randomly remembered and decided to look it up to see if it was still around! Keep up the amazing work it makes me proud to see that the blog is still kicking :)

awww hey you, glad to see you around here!
Thank you for handing me this amazing blog, it was really great to have it and you’re always welcome back if you want to <3

Actually, I’ve barely received new confessions since the show ended, only a few and I just realised I haven’t even posted them because of lack of time. I’ll try to make this blog active again as soon as I can :)

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How many followers do you have?

*checks* 162 followers. a pretty big bunch of Rafters people out there lol :)


May 9, 2013.

Happy 1st Birthday Scout Edie Stewart!!!!! ♥

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Hello. Coby will appear again only in the last 2 episodes of the series. When they were filming series 6 , Ryan corr was performing in a play with the Sydney theatre company.

For everyone who’s wondering about Coby- here’s your answer :)

Thank you for the info, anon!

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does anyone know anything about how much Coby will be around in Season 6?

All I know is that I don’t think he’s leaving for good. But to answer your question about how much he’s going to be around- I have no idea about that, sorry.

If anyone has more info and wants to reply to my anon, just submit in the ask box and I’ll post it. Thanks :)

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tell me this, is ben and nathan and rachel coming back even for a tiny bit, and sammy! and even chel! I loved those guys! and now that they have gone it seems empty and it seems not good anymore, i miss rachel so much!

Ben and Nathan are coming back in the next episode (season 5 finale). I don’t know if Nathan stays throughout the entire 6th season but I know Ben is going to appear in a few eps in season 6.

Sammy is coming back sometime during season 6, not sure when and for how long.

Rachel has a few scenes via Skype/video during the season 6 finale but that’s it :(

edit: as for Chel, I have no idea. I don’t think she’s coming back…

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This isn't a confession, but who is Hank? apparently he was an old boyfriend?

I’m also confused because of this.
From the details we got, it sounds like he’s a guy working with Rachel in New York and the writers just didn’t mention the first time Rachel was dating him (and apparently, breaking up with him later lol) or maybe it was mentioned in some scenes which were cut from the earlier episodes. That’s the only explanation.
It’s so not fair to know the whole Hank thing happened “off screen” and we didn’t even know about it. I actually feel a bit cheated LOL

Aww thank you so much, winchesterforlife!! This message really just made my day &lt;3

Aww thank you so much, winchesterforlife!! This message really just made my day <3

(Dear Anon, this confession brought me to tears, no kidding *sobs*)

(Dear Anon, this confession brought me to tears, no kidding *sobs*)